Published Work

typewriter-keys-used-for-content-writingJanuary 2017 was my first time submitting to a lit. mag. (On The Union Pacific Railroad, Flash Frontier), so there’s not a huge amount of work out there at present. I’m writing/rewriting all the time, though, so my hard drive is filling up with flash fiction and the odd accidental prose poem as we speak, ready to send out once I’ve rewritten and cried over it enough.

Reunion (forthcoming) – Ellipsis Zine Two (print anthology)

Holy Night – December 2017 – Open Pen (London)

Matt’s Song (forthcoming) – A Wild And Precious Life (print anthology)

How To Tell A Kestrel From A Hawk – December 2017, Short Editions Short Story Dispenser machines

No Lightning – December 2017, Short Editions Short Story Dispenser machines

Ariel – December 2017, Flash Fiction Festival Anthology, Volume One (print only; available here.)

Canis Major  November 2017, Connotation Press

BBC4 9pm  – The Role of DNA in Ageing   November 2017, Connotation Press

Whiteout November 2017, (b)OINK zine

Fly Away Home, won First Prize in the Reflex Fiction contest in September 2017 and was published there.

Interior Decorating is a tiny CNF concerning baby poo, here in (b)OINK zine Voices.

Everything Would Be Fine If The Family Would Calm Down was really fun to write – here it is lowering the overall literary bar at Flash Flood Journal for National Flash Fiction Day in June 2017.

Sleep Is A Beautiful Colour, based on verbatim conversations with my small child, was the title story of this year’s National Flash Fiction Day Anthology and chosen by Santino Prinzi for his Top Ten Funny Flash article in SmokeLong Quarterly – more info via the link. Nominated for Best Small Fictions 2018. Available in print.

On The Union Pacific Railroad, published in the February 2017 edition of Flash Frontier.

One in Twenty-Three , published in To Carry Her Home (Bath Flash Award Anthology Vol. 1) won the Bath Flash Fiction Award in October 2016 and was nominated for Best Small Fictions 2017. It has also been translated and published in Vietnam’s Hanoi Moi newspaper (May 2017).